“Our mission is to meet the public health needs of communities through world class research, education and service.

We aim to be the reference public health hub in South-Eastern Europe and West-Central Asia.”

Cluj School of Public Health (C-SPH) is an innovative research focused program with full English educational track in public health – BA, MPH, PhD in Cluj, Romania. This is the only Public Health program taught completely in English in the entire Central and Eastern Europe.

Cluj School of Public Health is formed from the Department of Public Health (educational wing) and the Center for Health Policy and Public Health (research wing), within the College of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences of Babes-Bolyai University – the biggest and highest ranked university from Romania.

In accordance with this, the SPH program was designed in order to prepare independent professionals in the field of Public Health at the highest standards.

The program is customized so as to cover every aspect of Public Health’s field, but is also allowing students to focus on their area of interest.

This way, the program brings an interdisciplinary approach on Public Health tackling five major fields: Health Policy and Management, Social and Behavioral Health, Epidemiology, Statistics, and Environmental Health.

The talented young group of researchers develop rigorous exciting projects on international scale, bringing their experience and expertise into the innovative unique educational program. The educational track starts with the Bachelor in Public Health, continues with the MPH – Master in Public Health, and finishes with the PhD in Public Health. This gives students the opportunity to transform knowledge into practice through community oriented programs and activities, guided by supportive and dedicated professors and mentors.

“ CSPH offers me the chance to experience how a real-working environment is like, to prepare for my future, while developing skills and gaining experience in different areas of public health.”
Denisa Trif, 3rd Year Student
“I became a student at Cluj School of public Health because I was curious about this field and what implies being a public health professional. In my opinion, becoming an intern at C-SPH was the natural step to take in order to find out what I was curious about.”
Ana-Maria Vlad, 2nd Year Student
“It’s a great experience and opportunity for a student to be involved in all this, you really feel like you are important and you do something useful for the community.”
Madalina Coman, 1st Generation Bachelor's
“About the activities here, I can say they were fun and less fun. But I think that those experiences I liked the least helped me realize how unique and well planned Cluj School of Public Health is.”
Alexandru Sintoma, 3rd Year Student
” “It’s hard but you will like it” these are the words that I first heard when I got into this school, but then I found out that it is a great program where everybody gives advice and help regarding any kind of problem.”
Anca Ciubotaru, 3rd Year Student
“I`ve never gained so many friends so fast as here, no exam period from previous years was so tough as the first modules, definitely no crew was as united as we are, the students from SPH.”
Anca Faur, 3rd Year Student
“I liked the treasure hunt and the training for the fact that they helped us to know each other better. I also like the fact that we have many projects, in which we work in teams and the atmosphere from the center in very nice and welcoming.”
Andreea Marcu, 3rd Year Student
“My experience at SPH so far it was a special one, with wonderful colleagues which I started to get along with each of them and with extraordinary teachers which I can say that are professionals and are good in what they do”
Andrei Pal, 3rd Year Student
“SPH experience so far was more than special, from the system to the people that surrounds us. The dynamic system forces you out of your comfort zone, and the teachers are supportive, regardless of the nature of the problem. All these things that create a group of special people.”
Marius Moga, 3rd Year Student
“Until now, being a SPH student, I have realized that I am on a very long launch pad, full of pits, and in these pits are hidden opportunities that I have to take… and the adventure must continue even if the pit is empty.”
Norbert Bara, 3rd Year Student
“Cluj School of Public Health is a program that exceeded by far my expectations. Learning in a friendly environment, having deadlines and a certain competition between the teams makes it so much more challenging and exciting to be here.”
Timea Toth, 3rd Year Student
“SPH is all I ever wanted, without even knowing it. I lost my hope for the Romanian educational system until I came here. Although sometimes difficult and time consuming, all the activities I do here are pleasant and aimed at forming us, professionally wise.”
Alexandra Bocos, 1st Generation Bachelor's
“Well, when talking about experience and SPH, a few words are not enough to cover all this time spent here. I would say that it is definitely a daily challenge to be a student at SPH, but I have no regrets that I chose this program. “
Alexandra Moldovan, 1st Generation Bachelor's
“Ever had that feeling you’re in a roller coaster, you’re terrified to death, you feel the pressure rising and your heart beating fast, but loving every minute of it? That’s how life at Cluj School of Public Health is!”
Andreeea Cetean, 1st Generation Bachelor's
“It is a meaningful experience, filled with great friendships, where you learn how to make time if you don`t have time, where you discover the things you are capable of, what you are good at, providing you with that little but important thing in life that everybody seeks: purpose.”
Andreea Silaghi, 1st Generation Bachelor's
“The fact that it forces you to think out of the box it motivates me to continuously find my limits and overcome them. C-SPH is a tough program that will prepare you for the world out there where the requests from you are limitless.”
Cezar Fatu, 1st Generation Bachelor's
“A unique institution, with very qualified staff, which constantly motivates us to push yourself forward. The way of teaching and student assistance style is different and interesting and very helpful in our future development.”
Cristian Olinca, 1st Generation Bachelor's
“It`s the place where I made a lot of friends, good ones, a place where I learned a lot of new things. The best part of SPH is that you get to spend so much time with great people, from whom you can learn something every day.”
Dana Macra, 1st Generation Bachelor's
“The first time I came here I had no idea what was going on, soon I came across a team of professionals, ready to teach us everything they know about Public Health. I felt great here, met lots of fun and intelligent people, learned a lot of stuff.”
Toderascu Florin Jr., 1st Generation Bachelor's
“Being a student at Cluj School of Public Health is like riding a roller coaster. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down; you’re almost always at high speed and even though it can be scary sometimes, it’s worth the experience cause it’s fun.”
Ioana Cazan, 1st Generation Bachelor's
“My expectations from SPH have been, from the very beginning, quite high, but I soon found myself overwhelmed by the workload, but also by the support and attention I received. With or without my approval it has become a lifestyle I am very excited about.”
Raluca Turdean, 1st Generation Bachelor's
“My experience at Cluj School of Public Health so far it was really amazing. This program offers you everything a student needs to develop and to be prepared for new challenges. Here I’ve met extraordinary people that helped me pass through difficult moments.”
Roxana Vlad, 1st Generation Bachelor's
“Here you learn from great teachers to awesome colleagues and friends, from an interesting learning field to lots of working opportunities, from fun and excitement to sleepless nights and panic, all these coming to support your personal and professional development.”
Simina Bile, 1st Generation Bachelor's

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