The second course of the “Școala Altfel” week took place today  in our College of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences. “The Big (Health) Picture” started with an engaging presentation by  Alexandra Brînzaniuc and Oana Pop, researchers at our Unit of Social and Behavioral Health.


Today our high school students were able to learn new terms and concepts as  “Photo-voice” or “Photo-document”, but also they were exposed to the public health issues that involves our community, through pictures. Like every interested student they came up with ideas and all sorts of solutions. On the first part of the course, they were introduced to an important research method used for analyzing data named “SHOWeD”.


Here, they applied the new terms discovered on a specific subject, divided in six teams with different pictures to analyze. Every team-member had an opinion and an idea regarding the subject captured in the photo. Also, they made up relevant stories and express their point of view. The students can also sign up for the upcoming contest


The Big (Health) Picture was the kind of course that taught the high school students an enjoyable way to be creative and effective in the same time. You can solve a public health issue just by analyzing it through a picture. We loved the feed-back from our young guests!

Roxana Anchidin, 1st year student